Lush shade, Decoration, Privacy and Security

Tree planting provides shade and privacy and strengthens the soil. Shrubs add another layer of greenery and ground cover and tie the garden together. How you mix these elements determines the look and feel of your garden. Trees are the perfect tool to make your property cooler while beautifying your garden.

Whether you are a business owner looking to make your outdoor space more habitable or a homeowner wanting to spend more time outside during the summer, a little extra shade is never a bad thing. When placed correctly, shrubs can make a garden seem fuller and more vibrant. Shrubs that grow close to the ground provide a form of ground cover are excellent for filling space.

Larger shrubs can provide an extra barrier between you and neighboring properties. Like trees, large shrubs are strong and durable, and their thick and compact shape are perfect for privacy and security.

Alex Hernandez

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Alex worked for a landscape contractor for 20 years as a project manager and decided to establish his own company in August 2019. We specialize in new landscape construction and landscape redesign. His goal is to create beautiful spaces that beckon people outside, boosting overall health and happiness! 
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