Prep for New Material Installation

Demolition is the first step to every job. Regardless of size, this is where every project begins. We are fully outfitted to remove and dispose of the existing landscape. Once demolition is over these first steps are very important and form a solid base for the entire project. Fine grading to remove unwanted surface material and debris, concrete/hardscape demolition and grade prep for new material installation. Rock, boulder, and dirt removal is also imperative to prep for new material installation. Additionally, grass demolition, removal, and treatment for hardscape or low water desert landscape installation may be necessary to give your yard a clean slate.

Alex Hernandez

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Alex worked for a landscape contractor for 20 years as a project manager and decided to establish his own company in August 2019. We specialize in new landscape construction and landscape redesign. His goal is to create beautiful spaces that beckon people outside, boosting overall health and happiness! 
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