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Landscape Update

Elegant and Luxurious

If you’re spending money on your house itself, you should also consider setting some money aside to spend on your landscape. The two are connected and improving one without the other is only going to make a minor difference, while both in conjunction can have an overwhelming effect that makes your home look elegant and luxurious. If you?re in doubt about whether you should spend money on your landscaping, you should consider that doing so can seriously increase the value of your home. While small construction projects in your home can have a small impact on the value, the added value of landscaping on the front and back of the house will change the final figure considerably.

Additionally, if your house has already been landscaped in the past a general rule-of-thumb suggests you take a hard look at your landscape plan at least every five to ten years. Landscape that looked perfect for years may appear off-balance if a tree doesn’t survive a storm or shrubs succumb to bugs or become misshapen due to improper pruning. 

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