Here at Highridge landscape, we’re doing everything we can to prepare for upcoming projects. This is the time where we pick up more residential work because homeowners, they want things done now to get ready for the holidays. In the background, here we have a project that we just wrapped up. We are also doing a few other projects up the street where we’re doing landscape installation.

Here next to me is my dad, my father, Jose Hernandez. He introduced me to the business as a kid and he is the reason why we’re all here. Dad, how do you like working with me? How do you feel about working with your son hand-in-hand and, you know, being part of my team?

Jose: “I like working for you. I think it’s happy. Every day is OK for me. It’s fun.”

It’s winter in California as we know it doesn’t get very cold, but it is the season to do certain things. Tree trimming… it’s the perfect time to, you know, go through and trim your trees.

That way, you get some nice, healthy growth out of them starting in the spring.

Also, some people are big on roses. This is the perfect time to trim back your roses. Also, when it comes to lawns, most people like to mow the lawn weekly. You don’t really have to do that during the winter. You know, that way you get some nice, healthy growth. It’s good to skip your mow one or two weeks.

We’re getting ready and scheduling things out for the first quarter of the year 2022, so feel free to contact us and reserve your spot and we can book you in.

From our family to your family, we want to say Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas from Highridge Landscape.

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